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Image: Melchizedek

Through the power of Melchizedek we shall defeat Cthulhu.

(This web site not directly affiliated with The Dominion of Melchizedek)

“These celestial things in the Lord's interior man, or the Lord's interior man as to these celestial things, is called 'Melchizedek.'” (Arcana Coelestia, n. 1725)

Image: Cthulhu or one of his minions

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Image: Millard Fillmore.

Image: Melchizedek Communique: A Journey Through Time.

Image: Millard Fillmore.

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Outer Limits x 3

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Each episode of The Outer Limits television show (1963 – 1965) began with narration by “the control voice” saying:

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity.

It was “the outer limits” again the week prior to the Nov. 4, 2008 election when the Conspiracy Nation editor tuned in to his web site, only to find it had been taken over by Cthulhu!

In a quandry, the Conspiracy Nation editor did not know what to do! It was then that the Power of Melchizedek intervened: An associate phoned and offered wise counsel.

So here it can be seen how, through the Power of Melchizedek, we shall defeat Cthulhu.

Melchizedek x 3

Latest Communiques

Image: Crusades of the Holy Lance. Apologies if link has expired.(Melchizedek Communique, MC092511) A new book, Tales of the Holy Lance, is released to the public. The book, in the form of a pdf file, is available free of charge. The file, about 2 megabytes in size, is available for download at http://www.shout.net/~bigred/HolyLance.pdf

Many strange stories are connected with the Spear of Longinus, the lance which pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross. From King Solomon to Adolph Hitler to Haile Selassie, Tales of the Holy Lance provides an overview of many of the legends.

The author, Brian Francis Redman, was a close associate of the late Sherman H. Skolnick. Mr. Redman is the editor of Melchizedek Communique, formerly known as Conspiracy Nation, a controversial Internet site which seeks to penetrate the world of lies. Currently he has launched a new publication, Ersjdamoo's Blog.

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Image: Charles Darwin. Apologies if link has expired.(Melchizedek Communique, MC061911) In Descent of Man, Charles Darwin (image shown) wrote, "With savages, the weak in body and mind are soon eliminated and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilized men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick; we institute poor-laws; and our medical men exert their utmost to save the life of every one to the last moment... Thus the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man..." [1]

This new scientific thinking was absorbed by Friedrich Nietzsche, "a profound influence on [Adolph] Hitler and Nazi ideology..." In his book, The Anti-Christ, Nietzsche called Christianity "the most fatal, seductive lie that has yet existed." Echoing the new Darwinian scientific thinking, Nietzsche argued that nature favors the ruthless and powerful: "The beast of prey and the jungle prove that evil can be very healthy and develop the body magnificently." [2]

The new scientific thinking was used by the Nazis to justify elimination of "the weak" and "the maimed," which included Jehovah's Witnesses, Gypsies, and Jews. (The Nazis were also quite scientific about how this was implemented.)

Elsewhere, in the United States, science was also on the march. John D. Rockefeller's original charity had been initially directed toward Baptist churches and missions. Rockefeller's University of Chicago had first started out as an idea for a Baptist institution of higher learning. But the Rockefeller Foundation soon joined the march of science. The Rockefeller Foundation channeled funds into human evolution research and developed methods to effectively control human behavior. [3]

A trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation when it began in 1913 (same year as the "Federal" Reserve) was one Frederick T. Gates. It is not known whether he is related to the later Bill Gates, a monopolist as was old John D. Rockefeller. Consequent to his Czardom over the Microsoft Operating System monopoly, Bill Gates branched out into "philanthropy." He established the Bill & Melinda Gates (tax exempt) Foundation. Speaking at an invitation-only conference, Bill Gates complained about population. But, urged Gates, "[I]f we really do a great job on new vaccines" we can lower the population by "perhaps 10 or 15 percent." [4]

Got that? Bill Gates hopes "new vaccines" will lower the population!

And so it is that the "primary focus of his multi-billion dollar Gates Foundation is vaccinations, especially in Africa and other undeveloped countries." Besides dumping vaccines onto the Third World, such as overabundant "swine flu" vaccines, an "Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa" (AGRA) hopes to distribute patented GMO seeds. Reportedly, GMO corn plants produce anti-sperm antibodies. The AGRA board, dominated by people from both the Gates' and Rockefeller foundations, thereby seems to be promoting "a concealed contraceptive embedded in corn meant for human consumption." [4]

Elsewhere, in Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines, massive vaccinations against tetanus introduced hCG to the populace, combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier. This helped render women incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. [4]

This is all a new version of Nazi-Darwinist forced sterilizations: GMO corn plants producing anti-sperm antibodies and hCG combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier hindering pregnancies.

Another Darwinist branch-off from forced sterilizations is the promotion of gay and lesbian lifestyles. After all, gays and lesbians do not breed. And so we find, as of yesterday, June 17, 2011, that the United Nations now backs "gay rights" (alternate sterilization). [5]

------- Notes -------
[1] qtd. in Cremo, Michael A. & Thompson, Richard L. Forbidden Archeology. Los Angeles: Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing, Inc., 1998
[2] qtd. in Roland, Paul. The Nazis and the Occult. New York: Chartwell Books, Inc., 2007
[3] Cremo & Thompson, op. cit.
[4] "Bill Gates, Vaccines & the Depopulation Plot", by F. William Engdahl. New Dawn magazine (pdf version), May-June 2010
[5] "U.N. Backs Gay Rights for First Time Ever". AP. Published in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, June 18, 2011
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Image: Sketch of a young Millard Fillmore. Apologies if link has expired.(Melchizedek Communique, MC061611) William Morgan, a Freemason, had signed a book contract in which he promised to reveal the inner secrets of Masonry. Before the book could be published, Morgan was mysteriously abducted and disappeared from the face of the earth. "No less an authority than John Quincy Adams, at one time President of the United States, claimed that Morgan had been murdered, and in a gruesome manner." Morgan was said to have suffered the Masonic penalty of having his throat cut from ear to ear, his tongue plucked out by the roots, and burial "in the rough sands of the sea, a cable's length from shore, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours." (Background: "Gastro-intestinal Tortures of Old Abe", http://www.shout.net/~bigred/mc051811.html)

The Morgan scandal had occurred in western New York State in the 1820s. A consequence of the public uproar was the forming of the Anti-Masonic Party and the entering of young Millard Fillmore (image shown) into politics.

A deathbed confession taken down by one Dr. John L. Emery of Racine County, Wisconsin, in 1848, may solve the mystery of William Morgan. One Henry L. Valance, suffering from a fatal illness, was being treated by Dr. Emery. His confession to Dr. Emery, written down on September 11, 1848, was printed without modification, as "taken down and read to the unfortunate man who made it", by publishers W.J. Shuey of Dayton, Ohio, in 1869.

Abridged Confession of Henry L. Valance

"My last hour is approaching; and as the things of this world fade from my mental sight, I feel the necessity of making, as far as in my power lies, that atonement which every violator of the great law of right owes to his fellow man." Mr. Valance stated he had been involved in the "abduction and murder of the ill-fated WILLIAM MORGAN..."

His name, he states, "is HENRY L. VALANCE" and he is "an Englishman by birth..." In 1822 he lived in Canada. For some years he had been a Freemason, and had risen to the rank of Master Mason.

"In the early part of the summer of 1826, it was rumored among Masons that the order was about to be assailed by one of its members, who, from the mere desire of making money, was taking measures for publishing to the world all that constituted its secrets." Even across the border in Canada, this caused a sensation, especially among Canadian Masons who lived near the American line. Most Masons, states Mr. Valance, favored ignoring the matter and treating it with "silent contempt." But a few of the Freemasons instead proposed "a little violence against the liberty of Morgan would be justified by the nature of the case, though they expressly disclaimed any desire to shed his blood. They thought that he and his papers should be seized, and that while the latter were destroyed, he himself should be placed in confinement until he should agree to refrain from all attempts to injure the order, by exposing its proceedings to the gaze of the uninitiated -- the fraternity, in the meantime, providing for the support of his family."

Mr. Valance confesses himself to have belonged to the sub-set of Masons who had favored "a little violence..." But as a Canadian, he and his fellows believed the American Lodges would handle the situation. Time passed, and it was learned, in Canada, that some American Masons had kidnapped William Morgan. "We were informed that Morgan was to be brought to Canada, and put on board a ship and sent to Europe." Thus, the co-operation of the Canadian Masons became necessary. But as in so many kidnappings, something went wrong. "The captain of the ship in which Morgan was to have sailed for Europe suddenly died, and no other opportunity offered for banishing [Morgan] in the manner proposed. The necessity of sending [Morgan] off in a ship manned by Masons only, must be obvious to every reflecting mind." And so the already kidnapped William Morgan could not immediately be sent off to Europe.

It was at this time, states Mr. Valance, that he himself became connected to the "unhappy business." What should now be done with William Morgan? "We discussed the whole matter, in all its bearings, and the death of the offender was darkly and obscurely hinted at in our nocturnal consultations." But the final actual murder of William Morgan "would have remained unperpetrated, had it not been that we had placed ourselves in a position where a feather's weight was sufficient to turn the scale against the life of the victim of a mistaken view of our Masonic obligations."

William Morgan was confined at Fort Niagara. The keeper of the fort was a Freemason. He could be trusted to keep silent, but his wife was another matter. "This woman came to the knowledge of the fact that some one was confined illegally in the fort, and she demanded to be made acquainted with the whole circumstances of the transaction in which we were engaged." Her husband would not yield to his wife's demand, and she became increasingly agitated. Soon, the wife left, and returned to her father's house. She told her father the cause of the domestic separation, and her father, intrigued by what he heard, decided to visit his son-in-law and demand an explanation.

The father-in-law "probed deeply" into the matter of the mysterious person confined at Fort Niagara. It was admitted by the son-in-law "that some one was illegally confined in the fort, but who he was, or for what purpose imprisoned, he could not ascertain." The man warned his son-in-law that unless the mysterious prisoner was released within 24 hours, he would bring the matter to the attention of the legal authorities.

Something had to be done! Immediately! It was then that the decision was made that William Morgan had to die. Eight pieces of paper were gathered, upon three of which the letter "D" was written. Each of eight men drew from a container one of the tickets. They each then separated, without looking to see if the letter "D" was on their own slip of paper. "So soon as we had arrived at certain distances from the place of rendezvous, the tickets were to be examined..." Those three who had pulled the "D" tickets "were to proceed to the Fort at midnight, and there put Morgan to death, in such manner as should seem to themselves most fitting."

Mr. Valance confesses that he was among the unlucky three who drew out a "D" ticket. The other two soon-to-be murderers were Americans.

Mr. Valance states part of his role was to announce to William Morgan his fate. His two American partners went off to find a boat, in which Morgan would be carried off and "sunk in the Niagara." Morgan, chained and hand-cuffed, appeared "pale and haggard" when Valance entered his cell. Valance pronounced to Morgan his doom: "William Morgan, I come to you on a sad duty -- it is to prepare you for your last hour on earth... It is now past midnight, and before the earliest dawn shall have appeared, you must be no longer on earth. I leave you to prepare for the great change you are to undergo."

A boat meanwhile having been obtained, as well as a number of heavy weights, William Morgan was bound and gagged when his allotted hour of prayer and meditation had passed. The group entered the boat and rowed out into the river. The heavy weights were attached to Morgan, and he was thrown overboard.

Filled with remorse, Mr. Henry L. Valance soon moved away from the area of the crime, to New York State. This was the place where "the antimasonic excitement originated" and where Valance now witnessed the "just indignation of a people stirred to their inmost souls by the occurrence of a mysterious crime, that had baffled the law, and whose perpetrators seemed to be as much above the reach of ordinary human power as were the members of the once terrible Secret Tribunal of Germany."

In his purported Confession, Valance does not mention what is found in a separate source: that, several months after Morgan's abduction in September 1826, a bloated body was dragged from the Niagara River. Unfortunately, by that time, it was not possible to positively identify the remains as those of Morgan. (Source: Scarry, Robert J. Millard Fillmore. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., Inc., 2001)

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