Image: Princess Diana. Apologies if link has expired.(Melchizedek Communique, MC022410) At Masada, in 73 A.D., Belial's forces defeated the forces of Yahweh and Yahweh was exiled from this planet, in the conception of Philip K. Dick. Since that time, we have in fact been living on a prison planet. A zone of evil lies over the Earth. [1] (Background: "'Shadow King' Launches Divine Invasion",

The Kingdom of God was to have been established within the generation of Christ's crucifixion. (See, e.g., Mark 13:30, Romans 13:11-12, 1 Peter 4:7). But Masada changed all that.

The Roman X Fretensis, Masada: "He [Yahweh] lost. The Tenth Legion was made up of fifteen thousand experienced soldiers. But Masada held out for almost two years. And there were less than a thousand Jews at Masada, including women and children." [1]

Since that time, the divine has had to camouflage Itself in order to be present on Earth. Above and beyond matter is the true God, the benign power which constantly seeks to invade Moloch's fiefdom, by means of mimesis. [2]

Herb Asher, a recluse living on a human colony on the planet CY30-CY30B, is visited by a prophet named Elias Tate who informs Asher that Rybys, a virgin, is pregnant with the Second Coming. The three travel to Earth where the child will finish the battle with Belial, the Adversary who banished Yahweh to CY30-CY30B thousands of years earlier and has kept the Earth under his dark cloud since. (Background: "Divine Invasion Has Begun",

On Earth, Rybys is assassinated by means of a contrived car crash. The child, Emmanuel, is taken from her womb and manages to survive. [1]

Princess Diana, carrying the royal Davidic bloodline in her veins, also was assassinated by means of a contrived car crash. It took more than an hour-and-a-half to transport the slightly injured princess to a nearby hospital. [3] The ambulance carrying Diana was her true deathmobile. Diana was three-months pregnant, carrying Dodi Al-Fayed's child. The ambulance carrying Diana parked itself on a side street. There, an abortion was performed. The 3-month foetus was taken from Diana's womb. According to Rayelan Allan, Diana died inadvertantly, due to blood loss and damage to internal organs. [4]

The late Sherman H. Skolnick perceived that "The murder of Diana and Dodi was to stop a forbidden merger of East and West, a peace arrangement not suited to the war-mongers of the West." [5]

Notwithstanding the abortion, and the murder of Princess Diana, the Sangreal lives on in Prince William and Prince Harry, Diana's sons. News that Prince William is now in fact the shadow king of Great Britain causes Melchizedek Communique to speculate a "divine invasion" and the Final Battle between Belial and Yahweh.

------- Notes -------
[1] The Divine Invasion, by Philip K. Dick. Originally published in 1981.
[2] VALIS, by Philip K. Dick.
[3] Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence, by Jon King & John Beveridge. New York: S.P.I. Books, 2002
[4] Allan, Rayelan. "Diana Was Not The Target." Paranoia magazine. #24, Fall 2000. See also
[5] "US - Russian Great Secrets", by Sherman H. Skolnick, April 25, 2004.

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