Image: Prince Charles. Apologies if link has expired.(Melchizedek Communique, MC022809) George W. Bush now sits drinking Jim Beam and watching The History Channel at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, suggests a report in The Globe, a weekly tabloid newspaper. [1]

The Globe cites secret sources for allegations that Dubya Bush is seriously depressed at the moment and is living apart from his wife, Laura Bush.

Laura Bush is said to be living in Dallas, working on a tell-all expose book.

Reportedly, during the day, Dubya Bush rides hell-bent-for-leather on his bicycle. But at night, he sits sad and alone, with only Jim Beam to comfort him. Does a tear trickle down his face as he thinks back on happier times, when he and Laura were young and in love?

In other shocking news, it is revealed in the latest Globe how the Prince Charles ponders a liver transplant for his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. The Globe has previously reported on alleged antics of Ms. Bowles, such as a liquor-smuggling in shampoo bottles incident and hot lesbian sex. [2]

Not long ago, the Prince Charles had been dancing with glee after an 1836 Marriage Act was unearthed. He reportedly believed his marriage to Parker Bowles could be cancelled because it had been a civil ceremony instead of conducted by the Anglican Church. [3]

But Globe reported further how Camilla Parker Bowles has leverage to "spill the royals' darkest secrets." [4]

And so, it seemed, the bagpipes stopped playing and Charles stopped dancing. A nasty annulment or divorce could serve to unveil further information on the suspicious death of Princess Diana, in August 1997.

Then, in January 2009, after a reported screaming match between Ms. Bowles and Charles, somehow Ms. Bowles took a fall down the same set of stairs on which Princess Diana had tumbled on January 2, 1982.

Besides Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles, yet another love object of the Prince Charles also suffered a suspicious fall. Kanga Tryon, who once, during the 1970s, competed with Ms. Bowles for the attentions of Charles, declined over the years into poor health. During younger times, Kanga Tryon and Ms. Bowles both bore sons whose godfather Charles became. Both named their sons Charles (in Camilla's case, it was a second name). In 1996, Kanga Tryon checked herself into Farm Place, a fashionable rehab clinic. "What happened next remains the subject of immense speculation to this day. While undergoing treatment there, Kanga fell from a high window, shattering her spine. As she lay in hospital recovering, she claimed to have been pushed, but it was always assumed that, emotional as she obviously was then, she had jumped." [5]

It later emerged Kanga was in possession of a number of letters from HRH Charles. Their content was never revealed. [5]

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