Image: Barack Obama painting depicting him with Illuminati 'third eye'. Apologies if link has expired.(Melchizedek Communique, MC032709) Ralph Nader describes Barack Obama as an "Uncle Tom".

Nader said this on Fox News on election night, Nov. 4, 2008:

"To put it very simply, he [Barack Obama] is our first African American president, or he will be. And we wish him well. But his choice, basically, is whether he is going to be Uncle Sam for the people of this country or Uncle Tom for the giant corporations." [1]

People were shocked that Nader would say such a thing. "Fox anchor Shepard Smith gave Nader repeated opportunities to retract his use of the racially offensive term, 'Uncle Tom.'" [1]

But Nader simply lowered his head and plowed on. [1]

An "Uncle Tom" is "a pejorative for an African American who is perceived by others as behaving in a subservient manner to White American authority figures, or as seeking ingratiation with them by way of unnecessary accommodation." [2]

Why Bruce Tomaso, who provides the Nader quote [1], would say "Uncle Tom" is "racially offensive" remains unclear. Nader did not say anything like "All blacks are Uncle Toms." Is it "racially offensive" to say Barack Obama is tall? Is it "racially offensive" to say Barack Obama is part Irish?

It does begin to appear that Ralph Nader is correct, i.e., that President Barack Obama is indeed an Uncle Tom.

Where are billions of dollars being frantically spent? The money is being poured into giant Wall Street firms and, soon, into an escalation of war in Afghanistan. "As President Barack Obama begins winding down the Bush war in Iraq, he is building up his own war farther east," writes Jim Hightower. "We're told that it will be a new, expanded, extra-special American adventure in Afghanistan, involving a vigorous surge strategy to 'stabilize' this perpetually unstable land." [3]

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Table A-12, "Alternative measures of labor underutilization", features a "U-6" measure. This includes "marginally attached" workers, "discouraged" workers, and those working part-time who would prefer to work full-time but cannot find such employment. As of February 2009, the U-6 unemployment rate was 16 percent. [4]

Follow the money. Where is the Obama administration spending billions of dollars? Answer: On Wall Street usury enablers and to control poppy production in Afghanistan, more than on the needs of ordinary Americans.

What would the unemployment rate be if not for the millions of government employees, immune from downsizings?

The word "apparatchik" derives from the former Soviet Union. In Russian, it comes from "apparat" (the government machine or structure) plus "chik" (agent). The term apparatchik "suggests a bureaucrat who willingly follows and implements the party line, either in a spirit of blind obedience or one of cynical ambition." [5]

In a sense, an "Uncle Tom" would be an apparatchik. So would relatively privileged government employees be apparatchiks.

Scores of apparatchiks could be seen in the background at yesterday's "Uncle Tom" Obama Town Hall Meeting. They sat in chairs functioning as polite backdrop for Mighty Obama. From which government bureaucracy did the background apparatchiks possibly originate?

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