Image: Bloated bureaucrat. Apologies if link has expired.(Melchizedek Communique, MC040809) A quarter of the world's companies, and 40 percent in the United States, plan to freeze salaries this year, reports Reuters. [1] But there is one sector which not only is giving raises in pay, but is even hiring new employees.

The employment numbers are down. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lose their jobs each month. But at least one sector is not only immune to recessions, but is shielded from inflation.

What is this magic sector? It is federal government employment.

One web site estimates a 3.9 percent average pay raise in 2009 for federal employees. [2]

But President Barack Obama wants to tone this down, to a 2 percent pay raise for non-military federal workers and a 2.9 percent hike for military employees. However the U.S. Congress wants the pay raise for government employees to be more. But Leslie Paige of Citizens Against Government Waste says, "It feels like this is not a good time to be taking a pay increase." [3]

After all, it is time for "shared sacrifice" supposedly.

"The possibility of federal pay raises comes as a National Conference of State Legislatures survey found 20 states, including New York, California and Ohio, are considering or have enacted layoffs or furloughs to close budget gaps." [4]

The various states cannot conjure dollars from the future, as can the federal government. So maybe some of the state government employees will actually experience some of the "shared sacrifice."

Of course, last December, around Christmas time, the U.S. Congress gave themselves a nice pay raise. [5] No surprise there.

But in New York state, their Governor David Paterson "sent a message that he’s serious about state workers sharing the pain of closing the budget deficit when he threatened last month to lay off nearly 8,900 of them." To this, the state workers responded by "circling the wagons." It is a standoff, at the moment. One exasperated commentator complains, the state workers "can’t continue to look to increasingly strapped state taxpayers as an endless source of cascading shekels." [6]

The solution to these problems is obviously to make us all employees of the federal government. That way we would not be bothered at all by recessions. In fact, if we were all of us government employees, there could be no recessions because the federal government never ever gets downsized!

The way to pay for the above solution is simple: borrow from the future. Mathematically, the future is infinite. This means we could borrow infinite sums. Already, the idea of 100-year bonds is being broached. Why stop there? The possibilities are endless!

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