Image: John C. Breckinridge. Apologies if link has expired.(Melchizedek Communique, MC060211) The fiery dames of Maryland emerged from their respective corners. Ms. Rose O'Neal Greenhow and Ms. Anna Ella Carroll squared off. Don't get too close! Their knockout punches might connect with a host of subjects in the vicinity, such as John C. Breckenridge (image shown), possible beneficiary of a "Baltimore Plot." (Background: "Fiery Dames of Maryland",

And then it happened: Ms. Carroll threw a wild roundhouse punch which indirectly connected with John C. Breckinridge, Vice President under James "the Dotard" Buchanan. (Background: "Dotard Buchanan Hobbles the Union",

Ms. Carroll had early shown an intense interest in moral and religious questions. She became interested in the ministrations of Dr. Robert J. Breckinridge, of Kentucky, then settled over a Presbyterian church in Baltimore. Dr. Breckenridge was the uncle of John C. Breckenridge. [1]

And John C. Breckinridge, speculates Michael J. Kline, author of a revealing book on the "Baltimore Plot", was at least tangentially involved in the alleged plot to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln in Baltimore. (Background: "Pinkerton Delivers the Package",

Back in March 1857 the dotard Buchanan had also had troubles as he journeyed through Baltimore on the way to his inauguration in Washington. Roughs in Baltimore had hooted, hissed and thrown stones at President-elect Buchanan. Some of these Baltimore thugs followed Buchanan to Washington and near the National Hotel they shot off pistols and alarmed the neighborhood. [2] And at this same National Hotel, in 1857, Buchanan suffered twice from the so-called "National Hotel Disease." On June 5, 1857, the New York Times reported, "A feeling of intense dissatisfaction pervades the public mind in the manner in which the mystery of the National Hotel Disease has been treated by the authorities of the City of Washington." The New York Times article concluded, "there is abundant ground for suspecting that the disease is the result of poison administered in the food of guests of the hotel." (Further background: "New Light on James Buchanan Poisoning",

The National Volunteers, a pro-South paramiltary group, had been called the "Breckinridge and Lane Club" before John Breckinridge was defeated by Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 election. Texas Senator Louis T. Wigfall is believed to have been the secret chief of the National Volunteers. Wigfall had campaigned for Breckinridge in his failed presidential bid. According to some accounts, Wigfall had plotted a kidnapping of James Buchanan during the Twilight Zone between Lincoln's election and his inauguration months later. In this No Man's Land period of time, a Buchanan kidnapping would have placed pro-South Vice President Breckinridge in charge of the executive branch of government. [2]

And what if President-elect Lincoln had been assassinated as he traveled through Baltimore, enroute to his Washington inauguration? This would have left a fuzzy Twelfth Amendment situation: Who becomes President if the President-elect dies before he or she is inaugurated? Breckinridge, John Bell, and Stephen Douglas had all won electoral votes, but John Breckinridge had the highest number of those electoral votes. And if James Buchanan had been kidnapped then Breckinridge might already be the de facto President when Abraham Lincoln journeyed through Baltimore on February 23, 1861. If Lincoln had been assassinated then in Baltimore, would his electoral votes have died with him, thereby leaving John Breckinridge with a majority of the electoral votes? [2]

------- Notes -------
[1] A Military Genius, Life Of Anna Ella Carroll, ("The great unrecognized member of Lincoln's Cabinet."),
by Sarah Ellen Blackwell. 1891 [2] Kline, Michael J. The Baltimore Plot. Yardley, PA: Westholme Publishing, LLC, 2008

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