Civil War cartoon ridiculing Lincoln(Melchizedek Communique, MC110908) A “Baltimore Plot” could be underway to derail the Obama presidency.

The Baltimore Plot was an alleged conspiracy in late February 1861 to assassinate President-elect Abraham Lincoln en route to his inauguration. Allan Pinkerton was in charge of security for Lincoln's long train trip from Illinois to Washington, DC for his inauguration. Pinkerton became convinced that a plot existed to ambush Lincoln's carriage between the Calvert Street Station of the Northern Central and the Camden Street Station of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. This opportunity would present itself during the President-elect's passage through Baltimore on February 23, 1861. On the evening of 22 February telegraph lines to Baltimore were cut to prevent communications from passing between potential conspirators in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Meanwhile, Lincoln left Harrisburg on a special train and arrived secretly in Baltimore in the middle of the night. (

The allegations of a Baltimore Plot were later ridiculed, as was Lincoln, during his presidency. One of many cartoons from the time is shown here, depicting a disguised Lincoln emerging from a freight car.

Controversy yet surrounds the American Civil War. Not widely understood is that Europe had designs on the American continent. Britain especially wanted "their" colonies to disunite, so as to weaken the bond between the states and make the territory ripe for the plucking. A hard to find book, The Empire of The City, explains the deeper situation.

Credit to the mysterious LaRouche organization for noticing an odd story in Britain's Daily Express tabloid newspaper. There are so great concerns for the safety of Barack Obama "that many are already voicing their fears he may not even reach the White House." ("Barack Obama: Under Threat", by Joanna Walters, Nov. 6, 2008)

Emory Douglas of the Black Panthers is quoted as saying, "There could easily be an assassination or a campaign to ruin him before he begins his term because of what he represents. Nothing is out of the question. Until January when he is inaugurated, we just don’t know if we will see a black man in charge."

The FDR-phile Lyndon LaRouche describes the British media as "gloating over the prospects that the Illinois Senator [Obama] may not live to take his oath of office on Jan. 20, 2009." ("British Tabloid Item Threatens Security Of The United States", LPAC, Nov. 7, 2008)

And already, the British Daily Express blames a "lone nut" for the danger, rather than the more obvious coup d'etat. An unamed "security source", possibly belonging to British intelligence, is quoted as blaming "crazies", "lunatic racists", and "one deranged extremist" for the despicable potential deed. (Walters, op. cit.)

Like Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama faces an awesome challenge. Like "Old Abe", Obama comes "out of the wilderness, down in Illinois." Like the rail-splitter, Obama has a genial personality. Lincoln had Edwin Stanton to do the dirty work, as Barack Obama now has Rahm Emanuel. But the long and lanky Obama, like Lincoln before him, may need to travel in disguise as he passes through "Baltimore".

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