William F Walker
I've been doing digital photography for ten years, concentrating on nature and wildlife for the past three years. See my official photo site for info about my wall calendars and other merchandise. Also check out Dan and Bill's biweekly photo challenge. See and comment on my most recent work at flickr.
I am a jazz pianist and organist with the once and future Penguin Jazz Quartet. I also played in Nossa Bossa and the Race Street Jazz Conspiracy. I'm working on some electronica as well, hear some at myspace.
I've started keeping a blog.
Please check out birdWalker, for my birding field notes and photographs.
I earned a B. S., M. S., and Ph. D. from the University of Illinois, in Computer Science. I am a long time member of the University of Illinois' CERL Sound Group. I worked for three years at Apple's Advanced Technology Group, and for two years at Xerox PARC. I worked for Reactivity for seven years until it was acquired by Cisco.